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Direct Bookings Accelerator Social Media Course

Short-term rental owners often recognize the importance of Social Media, but many find it overwhelming. Creating content, managing multiple platforms, dealing with technical challenges, and choosing the right hashtags for direct bookings can be daunting. Additionally, they lack concrete systems to turn followers into guests.

Fortunately, I’ve developed a proven Social Media Strategy that’s accessible to short-term rental owners. I can provide you with social media tips, strategy, and a customizable step-by-step plan to boost your business, regardless of its current stage or future growth. 

Don’t dismiss this opportunity if you’re unsure about social media; I can offer my Facebook ads template and guide you on what to post when to post it, and how to convert followers into bookings for your vacation rental business and unique properties.

Social media set up and management Course

If there is one thing that can make people lose money, it’s Facebook ads. However, it can make you also earn A LOT OF MONEY when doing it right. Some hosts are spending as little as $5 per ad and get hundreds of $$$ of bookings in exchange!

That’s why I decided to offer those Facebook ad copy templates separately to make them available to more people, not just students of my Booking Accelerator Social Media Course.

In fact, I decided to offer it to you after seeing a high demand for it in my group! Those templates for your next Facebook ads will give you access to different texts to be used for your ads.

Exclusive Airbnb Course

Well, with a system following marketing steps to increase your income. You can see your vacation rental business online presence as a baby (or a toddler if you have worked on the basics already). A child doesn’t learn to walk in one day, first he will learn how to go from back to belly, then crawl, then stand up using furniture, then stand holding his parents’ hands and after a few months, he will walk without help.

Does it mean he will never fall anymore? It doesn’t, but it means that he will be able to stand up again and learn from his mistakes to do it better day after day. This is what this Airbnb Online Course is all about: you will learn how to master your online presence, I will be available via messenger to give you a hand when you need to stand better and help you learn from your mistakes.

Over 1000 Rental Owners have Maximized their Business

"I had my doubts about the effectiveness of using social media to boost my rental property business, but this course completely changed my perspective. It provided me with practical strategies and insights on how to harness the power of social media to reach a wider audience. Thanks to this course, my bookings have skyrocketed, and I've seen a significant increase in my rental income. Highly recommended!"
Kristina Rental Owner
"As a rental property owner with limited knowledge of social media, I was searching for a solution to expand my business online. This course was a game-changer for me. The step-by-step guidance and expert tips helped me create an effective social media strategy tailored to my niche. I've witnessed a significant rise in engagement and inquiries, and I'm now fully booked for months ahead. This course is a must for anyone in the rental business.
Olivia Bennett
"I can't express how grateful I am for discovering this course. It's been a true revelation for my vacation rental business. The instructors really know their stuff, and the content is so well-structured and easy to follow. I've learned how to use various social media platforms to market my properties, and the results have been phenomenal. My occupancy rates have never been higher, and my rental income has increased substantially. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your rental business!"
Sophia Martinez
"I was hesitant to invest in a course to improve my rental property business on social media, but I'm thrilled I did. This course delivered far more than I expected. The instructors shared valuable industry insights and actionable strategies that are working right now. They demystified the world of social media marketing for rental owners like me. Since implementing their recommendations, my online presence has grown, and I've seen a remarkable uptick in bookings. If you want to take your rental business to the next level, this course is the key."
Noah Harrison