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direct consistent bookings 

from your vacation rentals


If you are in the US, the best slots are on Mondays and Thursdays 🙂 

What’s the worst part about watching your bank account drain away as you desperately try to fill a vacation property?

You bought the property because the mortgage was supposed to work out with the rental income, but nothing went as planned and now you are dipping into the savings that was supposed to be for your children! 😭

Unfortunately it seems to be easy for your competitors to fill their rooms with happy rentals, but your spouse will kill you if you lower the rental rate and your back hurts when you have to sleep on the couch. 🙄 

What if you could make your chiropractor smile, your spouse happy, your rental income grow, and your bank account solid simply by changing your marketing strategy?

 The rental game is all about getting the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time at the RIGHT price.

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 If you are in the US, the best slots are on Mondays and Thursdays 🙂 







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If you take action now, then you can get your business more automated and earn more money.

Together, we can see how …

… you can improve your listing to attract the right guests for good reviews and no headaches

… you can increase your night rate to earn more money each month

… you can  get direct bookings from a good website and social media pages

… you can have more time for your life without worrying about promoting your place and getting more direct bookings every day

… you can have an expert on vacation rentals and digital marketing handle your promotion for you

I work with only a few new customers every month to ensure them a private and high-quality collaboration. 

Be sure to be the next one standing out NOW and not your competitor!

Gain online visibility

without lowering your prices, but increasing the quality of your guests’ experiences at your place

Get more bookings

from past and future guests to get direct and automated bookings

Increase your night rate

and earn more money every month



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