Ultimate Facebook ads copy templates for hosts and short term rental owners/manager to get more bookings from Facebook ads!

If there is one thing that can make people lose money, it’s Facebook ads.

However, it can make you also earn A LOT OF MONEY when doing it right.

Some hosts are spending as little as $5 per ad and get hundreds of $$$ of bookings in exchange!

That’s why I decided to offer those Facebook ads copy templates separately to make it available to more people, not just students of my Booking Accelerator Social Media Course.

In fact, I decided to offer it to you after seeing a high demand for it in my group!

Those templates for your next Facebook ads will give you access to different texts to be used for your ads.

Want to do an ad to get bookings after a last-minute cancellation? There is a template for it!

Want people to send you an inquiry via message? There is a template for it!

Want to do an ad for a giveaway? There is a template for it!

Want to get more people to sign-up for your newsletter? There is a template for it!



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