Social media Kit

Chapter 1 : Content creation

Content creation can be overwhelming use this calendar every month to make sure to be visible by potential guests without wondering every day what to do.

2. 30 days of content for your stories on FB and IG 

Increase your visibility, start connecting more with your followers, get leads for your email list and get more direct bookings!

Link to the stories ideas

Chapter 2 : Facebook ads - How to create ads which have a high ROI and increase your direct bookings?

Facebook ads is a big topic for every business. I am sure you have already gotten those notifications from FB telling you to boost a post to get more views (which I wouldn’t recommend honestly!)

Here you will know which Facebook ads funnel to follow and which facebook ads copy templates to use.


1. Facebook Ads Funnel 

2. Facebook Ads Copy Templates

Get the templates here.

Easy to copy and paste when creating your ad.

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Natacha Parmantier


French Airbnb host based in Spain with a Master degree in Marketing.

My mission: help vacation rental owners master the marketing aspects of their short term rental business to increase their direct bookings and their revenue.

Between 2018 and 2019, I double my revenue from vacation rental without having more turnover or lowering my night rates!

Since I am in vacation rental business, I escape the winter 3 months each year to travel with my family to hotter countries!

I want to help other hosts reach this lifestyle and have more work-life balance without having to lower their night rates.

The kit is here to give you all the content tools and a structure to know how to promote your business without being overwhelmed and running into circles.



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