Thriving as a Vegan Mom

A life where your dreams and your family life are in union! 

Life as a empowered vegan mom doing the best for her, her kids, animals and the earth!

One goal: make your dreams come true (YOUR dreams, not the ones from everyone else!)

Do you always feel the need to first take care of your kids, the house, your whole family — but you also have dreams for yourself that you don’t want to forget?

Do you want to be 100% present for family time and 100% present when working on your dreams — but you are afraid of not being the best mom for your kids, if you take time to concentrate 100% on your business ?

Or you might feel alone as a vegan mom in a non-vegan world — you are feeling hopeless when they ask you about “why no eggs?”,”the cow is not killed for the milk?” You wish you could have more vegan moms friends?

You know one thing for sure: you want a life where you can be a mom AND living your dreams!

 I won’t tell you that your journey towards your dreams will ever be 100% pink and amazing. 

There will be ups and down like everything in life! I remember 3 years ago when I had problems to pay my bills at the end of the month. I had a very young baby, I had to do something for her.

It’s not like I didn’t have any money, I had money saved her future and for mine (saved every month at the beginning of the month ) but I wanted to have enough to save AND have ends meet at the end of the month as well. I didn’t want to choose between our future or a great activity for my daughter.

I had a job that was paying most of my bills, but it wasn’t my passion. I was doing more for the money than anything else.

I knew at that point that I needed to act, find a support group for accountability and share this journey with others to reach my goals and stop struggling at the end of the month.

That’s how I found an amazing group created by an amazing coach of mine. He showed me what were my real dreams and reminded me to focus on them!

Because, the worst is that you can lose your focus quite easily. Sometimes I would forget my WHY, my REAL dreams, because the society would tell me everywhere to focus on something I didn’t really want (you know the big villa with a pool, the 6-figure-months,…).  

Not to forget that being a mom and going after your dreams at the same time is not easy every day! There will be days where my daughter want my full attention and days where I will have time to focus on my dreams. The most important is to focus on it one day at a time, one week at a time!

Moreover, I know that it can be even more challenging to be a VEGAN mom. There will be added anxiety from social life in a non-vegan world. There are school events (glad I will be homeschooling!), your non-vegan family not eating like you, your kids might wonder why some people eat animals and you don’t. And let’s not even talk about our little fussy eaters, who are not always happy to eat what we cooked!

Unfortunately, until now, there were no real solution for vegan moms to have the support they need to build their dream life AND have the mental support needed in such social situations.

The solutions of life coaching were never done by other vegan moms. Those coaches would get our points as vegan.

Solutions for vegans would always be focused on the recipes to cook, the meal plan to have, but not about the social aspect and the mental support needed! Because it’s not only about making it easy for us, it’s about making it easy for our kids as well!


Luckily, here is some good news …

You don’t have to be alone on this journey!

I’ve created this membership to put together amazing moms to help YOU reach your REAL dreams and be a great vegan mom at the same time with support!

The goal is that you can thrive in your health, relationships, and life purpose — with compassionate support, co-creative community, and clear tools to use every step of the way! 


Are you ready to feel empowered as a vegan mom, so you can grow a healthy and happy family?

If you would LOVE some support in the process, this membership is for you!

The group calls are designed to give you an on-going community of support that you need to focus on your dreams, cultivate the thriving, loving, mutually nourishing relationships you want to have — for yourself and your loved ones. 

 Not sure? Let’s start where you are…

Do any of these sound like you?

Are you feeling like you are putting your dreams on the bottom of the to-do list ? You end up either having to sacrifice your sleep to focus on your dreams or not working on them to be able to sleep!

Are you using all of your energy to be with your kids and then feel empty when you finally have time to focus on your own dreams?

Do you want to be everything at 100% – a great mom, build your dream life and be a great partner – and at the end you don’t focus on any of those things enough? Or you focus on one thing only and forget the others?

Are you struggling to be understood by non-vegan family members, friends or colleagues?

Do you feel like your brain is always running a million miles an hour with so many ideas that you don’t focus on one?

Do you have big dreams but you lack self-confidence to realize them or you lack direction to reach your goals?

Do you wish you would have more vegan friends (the supporting ones not the judgmental ones!) to be able to talk to openly ? 

 Are you secretly wishing to be part of a tribe of like-minded people that would help you stop feeling lonely?

 Are you tired of reading about 6 or 7-figure-month coaches online and you want to stop this noise in your head to focus on your OWN dreams?

 Are you finding it hard to attend school events, family reunions and other social gatherings centered around food?

 Is there still some questions/comments you don’t know how to reply / react to?

 Is your kid suffering from bullying from being vegan and you don’t always know how to protect her/him?

 Are you going to bed at night thinking of new ways to make your kids understand the non-vegan world they live in?

 Are you tired of hearing other’s opinion and criticism about your lifestyle and you wish you could find more people with some common things to talk to?

 Do you want to maintain your social life with your non-vegan friends, colleagues and family but stick to your morals and values at the same time?

 Are you tired of having to defend your choices every time you are at a social event?

If any of those sound like you, I’m sending deep, gentle hugs and courage to you!

It’s a tender place to be.

I’ve been there too — it was exhausting and frustrating, and zapped so much of my energy away from what I truly wanted to be doing, feeling, offering, and experiencing in my life!

And, I discovered that none of those are the real problem, they’re just symptoms of the deeper root.

So what’s the real issue??

The real issue is that we focus on external factor to make us happy, we tend to be problem-centered and not open to solutions  — and we forget our big dreams and goals!

The outside world and the society is preventing us from being happy, having a happy family and create real relationships with others based on empathy from every soul on earth (humans and animals)

So, how do we address that?

The most deeply effective way involves transforming your life again and focus on the positive in your life, being fully aware again of your dreams and goals

Yes, but… How do we do that?

I have found that being fully open to my true desires, without thinking about what society wants us to do and having the support of a loving and open-minded tribe of other vegan moms is what helped me to focus on my dreams again!

I stopped hustling and I started visualizing my dream life. I am now focusing on actions and solutions instead of problems.

As a vegan mom in a non-vegan world, life is definitely not the easiest one but thanks to my tribe, I am creating day after day a better world for my daughter, for me and for others worldwide.

In fact, creating this community of vegan moms is one of my ways to create a better world. 

Amazing woman! Such an inspiration ?

Freya, April 2019

I recommend Natacha to discover and share another way of living life totally focused on saving the planet and helping other vegans.

Bernard, April 2019

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Thriving Vegan Mom : Online Community

What you get as a member?

 Weekly support group calls PLUS daily support that helps you stay away from anxiety and live the life you truly want for you and your kids!

Practical knowledge to use or reply to your latest questions right now!

Have a community to talk to about your dreams and help you stay on track to realize your dreams (even the wildest ones!) 

Access to a library of recorded videos to help you live your dream life!

Are you ready to be empowered without feeling overwhelmed or scared?

You deserve better, less judgmental and more practical and human ways to feel empowered as a vegan mom. 

 FB Groups, blogs, Youtubers, Instagramers, 1:1 life coaches – they’re all great. They help (most, anyway) when you apply yourself and do the work. They can also be very expensive, very judgmental and fail to hold you accountable long-term.

 When I went vegan in 2016, I realized just how much information there was online to help me and I also realize that a lot of vegans were very critical if you were not the perfect vegan (according to them).

 What I didn’t realize was how affected I would be by all the different opinions I would find online! I didn’t realize that so many information could make me forget my true life goals!

 Don’t waste any more energy trying to figure out how to live your life as a vegan mom on your own terms!

 Your energy is so valuable. You want to keep it high for you and your kids!

 Let me give you the support and prove just how easy living an empowered life can be!

 I am the living proof that such a life is possible!

I went from being in a corporate job counting the hours until the end of the day to building the life of my dreams with my daughter thanks to multiple sources of income!

 All of this while traveling around the world with my daughter – she has already visited more than 10 countries in 2 years!

 When you’re a member of Empowered Vegan Mom Community, you have access to a group of other vegan moms, weekly group calls with me and you will have access overtime to a library of resources (recipes especially for moms), recorded videos about self-development or social life as a vegan life. 



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