Tools to teach online from home – Teaching online Tips

Did you create your profile on a teaching platform and your teaching certificate you now want to get all the tools needed to teach online?

1- Electronic tools

Teaching online from home or anywhere else requires a very few items. You need a computer or a tablet, a good pair of headsets and a good Internet connection.

2- Tools to do Live Video to teach online

There are several ways to video call your students to teach online. I am using mostly Skype.

It’s definitely not the best one, but it’s the easiest one and most students already have it.

Otherwise, you could use Wechat for students in China, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts,

3- Lessons Plans

When I started teaching online, I created all my lesson plans by myself. It took me over a year to have it all created.

Now, I can just go through my library of documents and send the one I want to my students.

The good thing here is that you won’t need to do the same!

If you are teaching English you can just buy the full pack of Lessons plans, Powerpoint presentations, Flashcards and Homework from one of my fellow teacher.

She did the hard work, you can just use it! Enjoy!

a. Teach English ESL Online

English Teaching Online Lesson Plans Tools
Get your Lesson Plans Bundle Teach ESL

b. Teach French FLE Online

If you are teaching French, I put online some of my lessons plans as well. You can download them here.

Teach French online tools
Get your Lesson Plans Bundle Teach FLE

4- Tools to send notes while teaching online

As I explained in my post about how to do a successful trial class, I am always taking notes during my classes.

For me, the best way to do this is using Google Documents. Your student can see directly what you are writing and has already the link saved in his Google Drive. No need to send it afterwards! Time saving for you!

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