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Are you spending a lot of times on Facebook and are you members of a lot of groups for Airbnb hosts?

Are you feeling lonely as a host? Do you feel like people who are not hosting don’t understand your struggles or your achievements?

Do you feel you could have avoided some mistakes as Airbnb host, if you had known about them in time?

That’s why I love those groups!

They are a source of inspiration for me to improve my businesses and also a great way to know what my readers needs more help with.

The groups are great to motivate each other, get support, get some questions answered quickly by experts, share your expertise and belong to a community.

Facebook groups can help you as Airbnb host to see which mistakes to avoid, what to improve and you can even use them to vent! Yes, we all need to vent once in a while!

From my experience, Facebook groups are a invaluable source of success for hosting.

Here are my favorite ones! Feel free to add in comments other ones you know!

General Airbnb Hosting Groups on Facebook

Airbnb hosts – Optimize your online presence, tips on vacation rentals

My own group for Airbnb hosts where we focus on helping
AirBnB hosts stand out online, increase their prices and get consistent bookings!

Airbnb Professional Hosts

This group is the biggest community of Airbnb hosts on Facebook. Every host looking to improve continuously should be in this group.

Airbnb finest hosts

A great group on Facebook to share your issues as an host on Airbnb. Hosts are from everywhere, so it’s nice to see how it’s working in other parts of the world!

Airbnb Hosting to Learn

Short Term Rental University

This group is perfect for people who want their Airbnb business to grow and make more money from hosting.

You can learn about the biggest mistakes to avoid as a host.

If you are looking how to start on Airbnb and you have already check our step-by-step guide, then it’s a good source of additional information once you have created your listing.

Airbnb Hosting for Venting

Airbnb: Where Hosts Can Vent & Get Recommendations

I love this group because it’s really not only about venting. Hosts are sharing a lot of their knowledge here to grow together.

Hosting on Airbnb Facebook Groups to boost your listing

Airbnb Host Network

This group is good if you are very reactive and a lot on Facebook.

They are mainly doing posts to boost your listings. The first 5 people leaving their links in the post have to boost each other listing following the admin rules.

I have never participated in the boosts, because others are all the time too quick for me, and I am honestly getting already a lot of bookings on my listings without it.

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Over to you, what are your favorite groups as Airbnb hosts?

There are countless on groups on Facebook, so keeping this list updated takes time. If you see that one group closed or is inactive in the list, let me in the comments!

Please remember to pin me!

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