I am so thrilled for you to have subscribed to the monthly social media content calendar!!

It will save you hours of stress thinking about what to post to get more direct bookings!

Now, I know that some of you would like to see examples of the pictures you could create to follow this social media calendar.

So, here you will find a list of the different post mentioned in the calendar:

What would you choose ? Picture

Funny quote ? Picture

Special day  ? Picture

You don’t have time to design the pictures yourself?

Get pictures designed only for you every month using some of your properties’ pictures and targeting your ideal guests.

Special offer for you:


instead of our normal rate of $97

Note: it takes up to 3 days to send you after getting pictures about your vacation rentals and knowing your ideal guests

Review of your place  ? Picture of a key selling point of your place with a review written on top of it.

Ask them a tip. Picture

Fill in the blank. Picture

Inspirational quote. Picture

Looking for ideas of funny posts?

Check out this post with the 50 best travel memes which are perfect for your followers who love traveling!!

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