Free Premium Training with Natacha Parmantier for Airbnb hosts and other Real Estate Investors working in the Short Term Rental Business



without lowering your prices, spending hours communicating with your guests or handling bad reviews every day…

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Open only for the first 100 participants!

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This “Airbnb Standing Out” Webinar is for you if:

you feel stressed by your guests

you have too much turnover

you have too many bad reviews

you want to reach financial and time freedom

you are tired of adjusting your prices to compete with other Airbnbs

you want to scale your STR business

you want to be a true real estate investors, not just an amateur

you are ready to be one of the few hosts who is standing out easily

you are not afraid of acting NOW to use this proven method to get real benefits within the next 6 months

you want to quit your 9-5 job to have more freedom


Open only for the first 100 participants!

During this free training, you will learn:

? How to change your money mindset 

The secret rule a few hosts are using to stand out

How to have your former guests do the promotion for you for FREE!

⌛   Why all the hours you spend communicating with your guests, handling turnovers, managing bad reviews and calling Airbnb Customer Service are not allowing you to reach this time and money freedom. Because of this innovative method, my customers don’t have those headaches anymore. Find out how!

? The simple way to appear in the first page of Google Search in your Area

? How to do all of this and making a positive impact on the environment


This “Airbnb Standing Out” Webinar is NOT for you if:

you are not ready to change your mindset

you don’t want to use an innovative method

you are not ready to invest time, energy and money now for a high ROI within the next 6 month

you want to please everyone at the same time

you want to target to a large audience like your competition



Open only for the first 100 participants!

Presented by:

Natacha Parmantier, founder of Easy Busy Vegan Mom, helps ambitious Airbnb Hosts and other Short Term Rentals Investors from everywhere in the world to have their property stand out and appear in Google / Ecosia Searches. She helps them have less headaches and earn more month after month thanks to her proven approach.



Sorry, the webinar has passed!

Feel free to book a call with me and my team to earn more NOW!

They trusted me

” I am very grateful to Natacha to tell me about his one RULE and for introducing me her way of life. I can now travel whenever I want and work wherever I like!



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