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If you are working for Airbnb hosts and other Short Term Rentals Home Owners, we can help you get new leads!


Monthly sponsorship with promotion every month on Social Media (6 months min.)

Sponsorship with promotion for one month only

Are you looking for a more flexible and specific partnership? Contact us here:


How long will the post be?

For the basic offer, the post will be of 500 words minimum. For the professional and Premium offer, it will be of 1000 words. If you want extra words, it will be an extra $5/100 words.

Can I review the blog post before it's released?

You will of course have the opportunity to review the post once before it’s published.

How long will the post be on the website?

I won’t take down the post, once it’s released it will always be on the blog.

Can I ask you to update the post once it has been published?

Once the post is release on the blog, an update to the post would cost $50 additional (up to 100 words + 2 new pictures).

Do we have to hold a meeting to write the post together?

We will have a conference call for me to get to know your services if I don’t know them yet and to see if it’s something that my readers would be interested in.

During this meeting, we will discuss your goals and needs for your business.

After the meeting, you will send me what you want the post to focus on and which keywords you want to target.

From there, I will write the post and will send it to you for review before publishing it.

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