Let me ask you some questions first!

  • Are you happy waking up every day from Monday to Friday?
  • Are you happy on Sunday evening thinking that Monday is soon here?
  • Are you not thinking the whole week about the next weekend or the next holiday?

If you reply “yes”, to those questions, congratulations, you love your job and as long as it stays that way, I do think it’s better to not quit your office job.

If you reply “no” to any or all of the above questions, then I advise to consider quitting your job and be free thanks to freelancing.

Let me tell you my story

The rat race

5 years ago, I would have replied “no” to all of the questions and it took me some time to reach my freedom. I had graduated from a very good business school. I was working abroad at what I thought was my dream job and I had the chance to travel often on business purposes. I was earning very well.

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So, why did I feel unhappy in a way?

I felt trapped, I felt that I had to stay at the office for hours sitting, even though sometimes I would just scroll down on Facebook. But, that what I was told life was. A lot of people say “you have to work hard”, “life is not easy”, “you cannot do what you love all the time”, “it’s the crisis, you should be happy to have a good job”.

Going out of the rat wheel

One day, one friend told me that he would quit his job and go to Australia on a work-holiday visa. My 1st thought was to be jealous that HE could do it! But, let me tell you one thing: WE CAN ALL DO IT!

We can all quit our jobs whenever we want, we can all live the life we really want! We are just afraid of doing it! We are too much listening to that voice in our head. Our worse enemy is our own fears.

So, some hours after he had told me his decision to quit, I came to the easy conclusion that I didn’t need to be jealous, I also could quit my job and do what I wanted the most: travel around the world.

If you want to see what the secrets lessons I learnt traveling alone for 12 months, check it here!

Planning Phase

Of course, we can’t do it in one day. We can’t wake up and go tell your boss that you are going to leave.

But, you can decide it in your day from one day to the other. Once you decided it, you just have to plan your next steps.

You have a credit? Find how you can still earn money but doing what you love!

You want to travel? Start saving money for it and then find ways to travel cheaper.

You want to start your own business? Start saving money for the first rough years and start working on your business plan!

If you are ready to start working online, check out my guides here.

It’s all possible.

The world is full of possibilities, you just have to want them enough to make them become true!

Want some advice? Write me your questions in the comments below!


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