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  • Daily, real-time support, accountability, feedback and motivation
  • Weekly group support calls with LIVE Q&A
  • An entire library of recorded video self-development trainings you won’t find anywhere else 
  • Monthly new recorded videos about being vegan in a non-vegan world
  • Fresh monthly resources on self-development topics you care most about
  • New monthly selected recipes for your family – even for your fussy eaters!
  • Access to a library of questions and answers about veganism, to never feel stuck again with all those questions from non-vegans
  • A community of vegan moms to lean on, learn from, and connect with daily


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  • Same content as monthly payments
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  • you SAVE $120 per year!
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My dream life is to reach 6 figures month, will you help me ?

I will be honest now! If your dream is to reach 6 figures month, you are NOT in the right place! Why? Simply because, for me, this is something that society has put into our heads. However, I truly believe that this is NOT your real dream! I will help you discover and reach your real dreams! For instance, for me, my dreams have always been to travel the world as much as possible, spend as much time as possible with friends eating amazing vegan food and have a house with a garden to grow my own veggies and fruits! Does it require me to make 6 figures every month?! NO

My dream is to have freedom and time for me, my family and my friends and to be able to go travel whenever I want!

If you can relate to those sentences then this membership is for you. If not, then sorry, I advise to look for a GURU online that will take your money in exchange to make you forget your dreams! 


What’s included in the membership fee?

When you join, you’ll instantly get access to all the content you need to fight the anxiety brought by social events and recipes / tricks to fight cravings + self-development content especially created for vegan moms!

You’ll also gain access to Vegan Empowered Mom’s private Facebook group, where you’ll find a community of like-minded individuals, bonus content.

The weekly live group calls will be on Zoom where you’ll receive support to keep you on track and  direct answers to questions about your life as a vegan mom.

Essentially, everything you would get from a life coach at a fraction of the cost and especially done by a vegan mom for other vegan moms to feel empowered in your life!

How much does it cost to join this Vegan Mom Group Coaching?

It costs less than $2/day. That’s not a typo. The early-bird price is only $47/month or $447/year, depending on how you wish to pay. You’re automatically charged through a secure payment processing system once per month or year, depending on your membership preference, and you can cancel anytime. You will always be charged the early-bird price. This price is open to 10 people only! Afterwards, members who are going to sign up are going to pay the full price $87/month or $970/year!

Can I really invest less than US$2 per day and live my dream life?

Yes, absolutely! The low price doesn’t mean low quality. It’s simply intended to make the program accessible to any vegan mom at any stage. 

The primary goal of this community is to help you feel empowered in your life and realize your dreams.  If you apply what you learn here, you will.


This sounds too good to be true. Why would you offer so much value for less than $2/day?

After seeing so many of my friends struggle with what to do and how when it came to living their dream life, I knew I wanted to do something to help more vegan moms succeed. For me, success is happiness and time freedom! A community-based approach allows me to keep your membership extremely affordable while you keep track on your dreams!



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