Do you feel lazy in the evening as a busy mom? You want to know the must-have things for your kitchen to make a quick meal?

Are your kids asking you all the time “what’s for dinner Mommy?”?

Kitchen must-have quick meal
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Even though I love cooking, there are times I just want to make a quick meal and as I have those must-have in my kitchen, it helps me to do things quicker!

In fact, last night, as I was using my blender, I thought about you Mamas who are reading my blog and I felt the urge to write this post. I want to help you make quick meals as well!

So, here you go, my dear busy mums.

Your list of kitchen must-have for a quick meal

1- Instant Pot

Why it’s great?

  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • keep food warm while you are busy doing other things
  • can cook your breakfast oatmeal overnight
  • no risk to burn if you forget it
  • you just have to prep and then you put everything inside!

When I got my first instant pot in China, I had no clue that I had been missing something the whole time no having it!!

You know I am the kind of person, who sometimes will put the oven on and forget about it afterwards… Well, with the Instant Pot, I could do this and it was ok!

It’s done with a timer and once it’s cooked, it will keep your meal warm! No more burnt or cold dinner!

2 – High-speed blender

I am using my blender multiple times a day: to do my smoothies, my difference sauces for pasta, to grind nuts for my desserts, …

Even when traveling we had all the time our blender with us! If there is one thing, I cannot go somewhere without it’s this! Yes, we read me well, not a pair of shoes, my blender!

Do you want to do healthy ice-creams? Buy fresh fruits and freeze bananas, blend them in your blender, you have healthy ice-creams your family will love!

3 – Food storage containers

Are you hearing everyone talking about meal prep around you?

It seems to be trendy right now. It is famous for one reason according to me: it saves us so much time to meal prep.

If you meal prep, you can store all your meals in containers in your fridge and put everything in a pan or in your instant pot for a quick meal during weekdays.

I am not doing much meal prep myself, but I like to cook batches of food. I will never cook for only one meal. I cook bigger portions and I can either put the leftovers in the fridge or in the freezer for another time.

Those containers are a must-have for me in our kitchen.

I still have my old plastic containers but for storing warm food, I don’t use them as otherwise it’s not healthy -plastic and chemical contamination-. That’s why having glass containers are much better.

4 – Measuring cups and spoons set

Are you looking at recipes for cooking? Personally I often do!

Following recipes is good but we always have to measure things. So when I saw those measuring cups and spoons set, I thought “Wow, they are really solving a problem of mine in the kitchen”!

This set is a big time saver!

When choosing for your set, make sure to get some which are stainless steel like those below to prevent chemical contamination and to have longer-lasting ones!

5 – Countertop spices holder

I LOVE spices! In our family, we always put several different spices in our dishes! Having a spice holder is perfect to have the kitchen organized even though you have tons of spices like us!

For zero waste moms like me, having spice refills is a must. I can go to my bulk shop with the small containers and directly get the spices I am missing.

6- Digital food scale

Before I tend to not be very precise following the recipes, but sometimes following the exact measures is important and will make you not mess up your meal.

If you are on a diet or just want to eat healthy having a food scale is good to know exactly how much you are eating.

It’s easy to use and clean, light and easy to store.

That’s it! You see you don’t need much in your kitchen to prepare a quick meal! As I am Zero Waste, I don’t want to have tons of unnecessary things in my kitchen. Those are the things that are really important in my opinion.

Over to you, what are your must-have in the kitchen for a quick meal?

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Kitchen must-have quick meal
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