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Get more direct bookings and increase your revenue for your vacation rentals

➡️ Attract your ideal guests
✅ Get more consistent direct bookings
?  Earn more money monthly

A signature approach to vacation rental owners that puts you in control of your revenue and your direct bookings.

I’m Natacha, and I teach vacation rentals owners the marketing skills needed to get more consistent direct bookings and increase your revenue from your unique property!

Sign me up.  I want to get more direct bookings and increase my revenue, and I know you can help me!

Yes, I want to be your next success story!

Is this online course for me?

You can enroll in this exclusive online course if:

? You offer a unique property that most of the guests loved staying in.

? You finally want to know how to promote effectively your Airbnb listing / vacation rental on Instagram

? You want to get more or give a boost to your direct bookings for your Airbnb listing / vacation rental

? You want to increase your monthly revenue for your Airbnb / vacation rental

? You noticed that new hosts are appearing higher in the search results even though you have better reviews and a better property.

? You want to be above your competitors.

? You are not sure or don’t know how to do that.

? You want a course focused on the marketing aspect to learn how to promote and advertise your property. Unfortunately Airbnb course from Sean Rakidzich Airbnb Automated, Learnbnb, Airbnb Secrets, Richard Fertig’s Short Term Rental University, Danny’s Optimize my Airbnb might be great but don’t focus on the whole picture of your long-term business. -> Getting more independent and getting more consistent bookings from Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

 Will the magical SECRET to get consistent bookings be shared in this program? 

The secret to consistent bookings is accepting the fact that there is NO SECRET FORMULA to earn more income, especially not overnight!!

Getting more consistent direct bookings comes back to those 5 questions:

1. Who are your ideal guests ?
2. How could you reach them the best and most efficient way ?
3. How can you create the correct message to capture their attention?
4. How could you craft an offer that make them take action and book a stay with you?
5. How can you develop a strategy to have more return and referral guests?

I hope you don’t resent me from telling you the truth, in vacation rental business with online presence, there is no magic powder.

You can’t just publish your listing on Airbnb or publish your website for direct bookings and expect guests to book instantly!

So, how can I get more consistent bookings?

Well, with a system following marketing steps to increase your income.

You can see your vacation rental business online presence as a baby (or a toddler if you have worked on the basics already). A child doesn’t learn to walk in one day, first he will learn how to go from back to belly, then crawl, then stand up using furniture, then stand holding his parents’ hands and after a few months, he will walk without help.

Does it mean he will never fall anymore? It doesn’t, but it means that he will be able to stand up again and learn from his mistakes to do it better day after day.

This is what this Airbnb Online Course is all about: you will learn how to master your online presence, I will be available via messenger to give you a hand when you need to stand better and help you learn from your mistakes.

We will grow together.

I get it, you want to be sure of what you get before investing money in this program!

With this Exclusive Online Course, you will get access to :



 Lifetime access to the video trainings

PowerPoint presentations for each topic with homework to do after each video

Lifetime access to the Private Facebook community where you could ask any question you have.


And you can be a member of it for only $497 to get access to it for life!


How much does the program cost?

This program is $497 if you pay full, or $97 per month for 6 months if you prefer a payment plan.

I want this program to be accessible to Airbnb hosts who know they need educational marketing support and are serious about getting it but are not ready to spend $1,450 per month on my 1:1 weekly private marketing strategy support.

What are the exact topics of the course?

Here is the outline of the course. I recommend you to do one topic per week to have time to take action between each course and make the course worth it for you.

How long will the program last?

This program lasts 16 weeks to have time to cover each topic individually. As I mentioned above, building an online presence is not an overnight thing and there is no secret. This is not a quick-fix, it’s an investment in your long-term dreams. Gradually, you will see that marketing is not that complicated and that having the keys taught in the program will be useful for you for a lifetime. You have to give yourself the time to learn.

Are there any refunds?

Once you join you will have access to me 24/7, the courses, workbooks and checklists for a good price.

The only time I would agree to give you a refund is that if you show me that you have completed all the homework, checked all the videos, completed the checklists and you didn’t see any improvements in your online presence.

You have a 120-day-refund guarantee following the requirements mentioned above.

Will you ever raise your online course prices?

Joining the program now gives you access to it for only $497. As I mentioned above the value you get from this Online Course is worth more, but I chose to price it that way now because I want to make it more accessible to you. So be sure to take action now.

You have unique properties, you have outstanding hospitality status, I want to help you get more direct bookings and increase your revenue by mastering the marketing skills required to get you in front of your ideal guests.

That being said, I know that there is a huge demand for this online course and prices will go up soon! 


There are so many "gurus" online, how can I be sure it's worth the investment?

I totally get your point! I have spent thousands before in such gurus.

Quick question though, have you ever had the opportunity to learn more about marketing strategy for such a price?

I am offering you the 120-refund-guarantee because I know that my program will help you so much that you  will not even think one second about asking for a refund!

This program is not about doing a copy paste marketing strategy like many others, it’s about giving tips to get more direct bookings and it has been made by a vacation rental owner like you!


Ok, it’s time to get serious!

Do you want to be sitting here a year from now, with no engagement what so ever on your social media, inconsistent bookings, more Airbnb hosts in your area and no idea how to stand out?

Or, are you committed to the fact that you need to educate yourself more on the marketing side of your vacation rental business?

Do you want to be sitting here a year from now, seeing no changes at all in your vacation rental revenue and no closer to your dreams?

or, are you ready to stop leaving your bookings to chance?

Do you want to think about joining the same Online Course next year to see that the prices have doubled or tripled to be able to keep up with the demand of it?

Or, are you committed to join now to reach your goals for a early-bird discount?

Take action NOW!

Taking action is one of the things which will make you successful in this business.

Remember: the best opportunities don’t last forever.


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