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Do you know Pinterest? Are you using this social media as Airbnb hosts to get more bookings for your vacation rentals?

If you have no idea how Pinterest could help you get more bookings, you are on the right page!

Some months ago, I also had not much idea how to use Pinterest for my business. However, I went from 0 followers at the end of March 2019 to 22k views and over 100 followers in a couple of months!

That’s why I decided to do a serie of posts on how to use Pinterest for your Airbnb vacation rentals business and get more bookings from this social media!

Today, we will focus on one point:

How to find the right keywords for your Pinterest account for your vacation rentals?

If you have some ideas about SEO, you know how keywords are important.

Think about Pinterest as a search engine like Google but with pictures called “pins” instead of pages as results.

Here is a video of how you could find the right keywords. I did this video when I was doing some research before doing a consultation call with a person who has an Airbnb vacation rentals in the Philippines.

Over to you, are you using Pinterest as a hosts to get more bookings for your vacation rentals? Tell us in the comments!

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