Ultimate Guide on Pinterest to get more bookings from Pinterest!

If there is one social media platform that is underused and very unfamiliar for most vacation rental owners, it’s Pinterest!

As someone called me once “The Queen of Pinterest”, I get more and more requests about how to use Pinterest. 

For me and other business owners, Pinterest has been perfect to generate me leads to grow my email list that later turn into clients!

Pinterest is the only platform that each post has a lifetime of 9 months in average (less than 1 hour on Facebook and Instagram)! What does it mean for you? It means consistent traffic without having to be in front of your computer 24/7. As a work at home mom of a 2 year old, I love it!

The thing is for a lot of hosts, once they know that Pinterest should be part of their marketing strategy they often come to me with the HOW questions! How to set up a Pinterest account to promote my rentals, how to know which keywords to use, how to design the right pins, how to get traffic from it, …

That’s why, I decided to offer this Course to teach you both the basics about Pinterest and also the more advanced stuff to make it work automatically for you.

However, I want to take 1 minute to tell you who this course is not for, to make sure that people buying it are the right students. My goal is to help you get results!

Do NOT buy this course if :

? you don’t have your own website yet

?you have a website but don’t want to have a blog on your website

? you have a website but don’t want to create a free guide to get people register to your email list

?you are not ready to learn the tricks to get it right on Pinterest

? you know that you will buy the course but never put into practice anything I teach there (and thus not get the results you and I want for your rental business!)

Buy this course if:

? you have a unique property and amazing reviews

? you have your own website with a blog

? you have your own website and will start a blog on it soon

you know that Pinterest will help you get website traffic from your ideal guests

? you don’t have a Pinterest account yet but you want to set up one the RIGHT way

? you have a Pinterest account already but you are not sure if it’s well optimized

? you have an email newsletter and would like to grow your email list thanks to Pinterest

? you want to spend less time on Social Media

? You want to get more or give a boost to your direct bookings for your vacation rental

? You want to increase your monthly revenue for your vacation rental

? You noticed that new hosts are appearing higher in the search results even though you have better reviews and a better property.

? You want to be above your competitors.

? You are not sure or don’t know how to do that with Pinterest



I get it, you want to be sure of what you get before investing money in this course!

With this Pinterest Basics + Advanced Course, you will get access to :



  •  Lifetime access to the replay videos of my group trainings (you will see me answers to other students’ questions)
  • PowerPoint presentations for each topic with homework to do after each video
  • Lifetime access to the Private Facebook community where you could ask any question you have and get feedback on what you did practicing what you learnt
  • Design ideas for your Pins (images on Pinterest)

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