FREE MASTERCLASS: Presented by Natacha Parmantier – Marketing Strategist for Vacation Rental Owners

Give me 25 minutes & you will walk away with the exact formula to get consistent direct bookings from your Social media!

Get direct access to the free Masterclass now before I close the doors!

Imagine you … having an easy to follow bluprint for social media that actually get direct bookings & more $$$!


  • LIFE CHANGER #1: The PERFECT social media framework to know on which social media to focus on? So that you get consistent bookings and stop feeling like running into circles with your marketing strategy!
  • LIFE CHANGER #2: The EXACT type of content to create to get engagement on your pages? So that you get bookings and referrals for your rentals.
  • LIFE CHANGER #3: My SIMPLE tip (and the biggest mistakes vacation rental owners do with FB ads? So that you increase your return on investment and get bookings automatically with ads.

Get access to the free Masterclass now before I close the doors!


Hey there, I’m Natacha!

I went failing in building my first business  because I didn’t want to use my knowledge of social media marketing to Social Media Revenue Powerhouse in a matter of months.

As a vacation rental owner, mom who studied marketing in the US, Hong Kong & France, I decided to share my knowledge with other VR owners like me. Digital marketing so overwhelming and you hear so many strategies that it’s difficult to know what to focus on without running into circles. That’s why, I am focusing on helping other short term rental owners get more direct bookings sharing my marketing knowledge. I have been awarded several times by Rentals United, but also by Moredirectbookings and ShortTermRentalz as one of the top consultants on digital marketing.

With my social media marketing strategy, my clients make thousands of dollars from a single post on social media! If you are ready to learn how to easily get more direct bookings from an optimized social media presence, join me for my free 25-minutes-masterclass. You will walk away with actionable tips to  get more direct bookings from your social media followers and viewers. 

Results from my students:

Get access to the free Masterclass now before I close the doors!

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