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Hey there, I’m Natacha

I’m the person behind the Short Term Rentals Online Presence Academy and first off I just want to say welcome.

I’m really really excited to see you here!

About four years ago, I was in China trying to find a “normal 9-5 job”. I was feeling insecure about my future. I knew what I didn’t want anymore, just didn’t know how to get what I really wanted.

Since then, I went from working 40 hours a week in an office to working 8-10 hours a week at home, at a coffee shop by the beach, on an island in Thailand, by the pool in Kuala Lumpur.

Don’t take me wrong, this didn’t come in one day and I had to work smartly for this.

Was it worth it? Believe me, this freedom is more than worth it!

At first, I had to work a lot of hours online, but hard work pays and in less than 6 month, I went from working 40 hours a week online earning 5$/ hour to working 15 hours a week earning 15$/hour. Right now, I am only working 10 hours a week earning 27$/hour.

I am now have 2 businesses running easily (teaching online and hosting on Airbnb) and I am working on a 3rd one.

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Airbnb Tips Templates FREE

Our Templates will get you on the right track to

1. Get more guests

2. Get better reviews

3. Save time

1-1 FREE Training for New Airbnb Hosts

Learn which mistakes not to do and the secrets to start renting on Airbnb quickly without being overwhelmed by all the info you can find online.

Get everything summarize during our 1-1 coaching session.

Build your Online Presence for your Airbnb listings

Book a Clarity Call with me to

1. Learn how to increase your prices

2. Get better guests

3.  Have less headaches

” I am very grateful to Natacha for introducing me her way of life. I can now travel whenever I want and work wherever I like!



“I may be slow at it, but I am putting her tips into my life little by little and I can how it affects my life and family positively. She is a very inspiring woman and mom!”


“I love how talking and chatting with Natacha. She keeps me motivated and shows me that this lifestyle is definitely possible. ” 


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