Reasons to build your online presence:

  • have people coming to your website every day
  • get free and organic promotion from social medias
  • possibility to get direct bookings without paying the platform fees
  • attract the right guests thanks to the right blog posts
  • not having a strong online presence is LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE

Let’s check some stats


77 million people use Pinterest

Views for one pins are lasting 100 days

people on Pinterest are 10% more likely


1 billion active users

easy keywords targeting with hashtags

Earn more money with direct bookings NOW with an outstanding online presence

You can choose how you want to access “Online Presence Vacation Rentals Masterclass” with a single payment $497 or 2 payments of $270 each month.

Number of seats still available for Early bird discount

Module 1: Create / Improve your Airbnb Website with a blog

    • Which hosting platform is the best?
    • Which domain name to choose to attract the right guests?
    • How to add the booking system directly on your website?
    • How to be paid directly on your website? Which payment software to use for your STR?
    • How to sync your calendars to have the booked dates blocked?
    • Which pages to have on my website?
    • Which keywords to use to talk to my ideal client?
    • How to create a video of your property to be seen online?
    • How to create a Q&A page for your ideal clients?
    • Which type of blog posts should I create to attract the right guests?
    • How to create an email list to help you book open dates last minute?


    Module 2: Promote your Airbnb on Social Media

    • In which FB Group to be to attract your guests?
    • Which Tailwind Tribe should I join?
    • How to create a Pinterest business account?
    • How to create a good pin for travelers?
    • Which pinterest group board should I join?
    • Which pinterest boards should I create?
    • How to have the guests promote your listing for free ?
    • Who are the influencers to know for travelers?

    Module 3: How to scale your Airbnb even more?

    • Which experiences to offer for your ideal clients?
    • With whom to partner in your area? How to find them?

    Bonus 1: 

    1-to-1 FREE one-hour- Conference Call to help you start adapting your listing and your property for vegan guests

    This is a private session with me worth $150+ for non students. Get my direct insight as a host how your property can be ready  for your ideal guests.

    ONLY For the first 10 students registering

    Bonus 2: 

    VIP exclusive FB to answer any questions about hosting and the online presence

    This is the Customer Service you wish Airbnb was offering with direct replies and helping hosts out.

    Bonus 3: 

    Monthly Q&A Group Calls where you can get helped with your listing or even with a new property that you would like to buy.

    I will help you get more ideas to get more money month after month!

    Bonus 4: 

    Worksheet lists to attract the ideal guests to your Airbnb easily

    No need to be overwhelmed by the research. You get all the hashtags, all the FB groups, all the platforms where to publish and many more lists! 

    Airbnb Vacation rentals Online Presence Course Module 1 - Create a website with a blog

    By the end of this module you will:

    • Have your website built with a blog to attract your ideal guests
    • Be ready to get direct bookings and be on the first page of Google
    • Be ready to get 5* reviews from your ideal guests
      No bonus included
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    Airbnb Vacation Rentals Full Course Online Presence

    By the end of this module you will:

    • Have a proper website designed to attract your ideal guests
    • Be found by your ideal guests from all around the world on Social Media Platforms
    • Have your former or future guests do FREE promotion for you on Social Media
    • Have direct bookings from Social Medias and Google
    • Be on the first page of Google
      + All 4 bonuses included
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    Online Presence I build it for your vacation rentals

    With this option you will get within 1 month:

    • Have your listing title, description, house rules optimized to get the right guests
    • Have a website ready to receive direct bookings
    • Have social media pages set-up for your ideal guests
      + All 4 bonuses included
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    Start building your online presence TODAY,

    because a year from now when the competition will be even more fierce,

    you’ll wish you had started today.

    If you prefer to pay monthly, contact me here:

    I am sure that building an online presence is a great way to earn more money for your short term rental, but I am still willing to offer you 90 days to decide if the Course is for you, you will have a return guarantee so you can try the program without any type of risk.

    The only thing I will ask is that you show me that you have done everything to set up your online presence for your vacation rental, done all the homeworks and you still have not managed to get one single booking from your website or social medias. If so, do not worry, I will trust that you have made the right decision and I will return 100% of the money, without question.

    The BEST: my students’ first successes!


    Is this for new hosts or for hosts who have listings on Airbnb already?

    This course is both for experienced and new hosts.

    If you are new, you can get a free 1-1 Training to set up your listing as well in addition to this course and the other bonuses. 

    If you are new, this will help you get enough guests right from the start.

    If you are an experienced hosts, it will help you stand out with & have high prices.


    Do I get access to the Bonuses if I pay separately for each module?

    The bonuses are for the students buying the full course or the private option “Do it all for me”. It’s not included in the Module 1 only option. 


    Do you have a refund policy?

    I can teach you everything I know and if you follow the steps from the modules then you will be one of the reference for Short Term Rentals in your Area. However, I can’t guarantee you success or income as it depends on so many factors. That’s why, I offer a 30 days full refund guarantee for every student showing me that in put in practice everything taught in the course but it didn’t get the results expected.


    Do I need to purchase tools or services to complete the course?

    Setting up a website includes some additional costs for hosting and domain registration. I will show you how to do those with the Green Platform I use. For information, it costs around $2.95/month to maintain a website. 

    The other tools mentioned in the course are to help you save time and automatize your process on Social Media. You don’t need to purchase them if you don’t want to. Each tool costs around $10/month.

    Moreover, you might have to purchase a few things to make your place perfect for vegan guests. The investment to scale your property for vegan guests will be gotten back very quickly as your rates will be higher. 


    How is the course content delivered?

    Online Presence Vacation Rentals/Airbnb Masterclass is an online video-based course with some text-based lessons, guides and templates. When you register you will receive an email with your unique login information. You will also receive a welcome email and updates on how your progress is going. 

    Can I take this course if I don't have a listing yet?

    Yes, if you are new, you can get a free 1-1 Training to set up your listing as well in addition to this course and the other bonuses. Then, we will start together the Course you have bought.

    Do you offer additional personal support during the course?

    Yes, once you are registered you will be member of our VIP Group on Facebook. Every month, we will do a conference call with the other students to answer any questions you might have.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Once, you are enrolled you will have lifetime access to the course. You can do it at your own pace, you have no deadline to finish it. 

    How long does it take before I can get bookings from my website and social media pages?

    This depends not only from the course content but also from the area you are in and the type of property you have.

    If your property is already offering a good standard, you are in an area receiving bookings all year round and you take time right after buying the course to make the changes advised, then within less than 30 days you should be receiving your first direct bookings.

    Is this course only for people being based in the US?

    No, I am based in Spain and this course is for people based in any country of the world.

    What do I do if I need help?

    You can ask help in our group or directly contacting me at

    Will I get all the documents and videos once I registered?

    You are registering for the early bird version of this course, so you will get the documents week after week. Joining now allows you to have access to a premium online course at a discounted price. Once, the launching phase is finished, the course price will be offered at the normal price.

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