How to advertise your holiday home for free in low season?

Are you afraid of low season and the hole it creates in your bank account? Your spouse is mad at you to have bought this property and not being able to pay the mortgage every month, as you had promised you would, with your vacation rentals? Watch this video to know 5...

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List of Vegan Airbnb in 2019 Worldwide

Traveling as a vegan is not always easy, having tips on local restaurants, local food that can be eaten by vegans, meet or find an accomodation with vegan books. That's why I decided to create a list of all the vegan Airbnbs in the world! The list is alphabetic by...

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Easy Zero Waste DIY Recipes for your Home

Zero Waste Recipes for your Bathroom DIY Toothpaste I got this recipe from my friend Monica, who is very much into minimalism and zero waste lifestyle. Before trying this recipe, I had tried another recipe myself, and a store-bought solid toothpaste, but this recipe...

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