When I got pregnant, I had energy the first few weeks of the 1st trimester but I was afraid of losing the baby, so I stop going to my regular Hatha Yoga class.

However, I still wanted to continue to do yoga a few times a week. So, I found on Youtube some good videos to go on with my practice without risk for the baby.

It was very helpful for me to have those videos, so I shared it with my other pregnant friends, but I want to share them with you now!

1. A video to watch before doing yoga while pregnant: Do’s and Don’ts

Being pregnant is a change for you, for your body and from Day 1, you have to take care of the well-being of that little baby growing inside you. So before starting doing yoga, first ask your doctor, whether you can practise prenatal yoga and know what you can do or not.

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On my first day knowing I was pregnant, I went to my regular Hatha yoga class without thinking that it could be harmful for my baby. However, I realized during the class, doing my usual inversions, that my body didn’t like it. So, above all: listen to your body, know what feels good to you and what doesn’t. You have to respect your body during those months for you and your baby.

2. My favorite one from Lara Dutta:

She is using the traditional asanas names and the flow is very smooth.

3. My first yoga class during pregnancy from Yogea Yoga:

I loved it because I could really see how she was preparing us for pregnancy and labor.

4. A good class adapted to all levels from Be the change Yoga:

5. My yoga class for mornings from Sarah Beth Yoga:

6. Check this one out from Sarah Beth Yoga, if you want to release more physical energy :

7. My yoga class before bed from Sarah Beth Yoga:

You now have 7 videos to practise yoga regularly during your 1st trimester and to not always do the same yoga routine.

Over to you! Let me know in the comments if you know any other good video for prenatal yoga!

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