You can’t see other ways than upgrading your vacation rentals to get more consistent bookings?

I help ambitious short term rental owners like you to turn their business around with a few simple tweaks. Gain online visibility, increase your night rate and attract the right guests to earn the money your property deserves. NOW!

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Hi, I am Natacha Parmantier, a vegan STR owner helping other vacation rentals owners gain online visibility in 30 days!

I help owners of short term rentals scale their business.

In other terms, I teach goal-getters short term rental owners how to get more consistent direct bookings to have more time-off.

This doesn’t mean that I will give you a crazy formula to change your vacation rentals online visibility overnight. It means I will listen to your current business system and tell you how to invest to scale it. 

If you take action now, then you can get your business more automated and earn more money.

Together, we can see how …

… you can improve your listing to attract the right guests for good reviews and no headaches

… you can increase your night rate to earn more money each month

… you can  get direct bookings from a good website and social media pages

I work with only a few new customers every month to ensure them a private and high-quality collaboration. 

Be sure to be the next one standing out NOW and not your competitor!


Let’s work together!

Gain online visibility

without lowering your prices, but increasing the quality of your guests’ experiences at your place

Get more bookings

from past and future guests to get direct and consistent bookings

Increase your night rate

and earn more money every month to enjoy it with your family

Be found on social media pages

let us set-up and run your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest business accounts to get more direct bookings

Be found thanks to a website + a blog

let us create a website for you with direct bookings and run your blog with new posts every week to attract direct bookings easily week after week

Amazing results for short term rental owners 

I get more and more direct bookings thanks to Natacha. Before our collaboration, I had no idea how to scale my business online, I had only a beautiful property which was not being seen. Natacha was an amazing advisor, she could set up and write perfect blog posts week after week to help me attract the right guests to our place.


I can’t believe that I was missing so many direct bookings and leaving so much money on the table before working with Natacha. I get now hundreds of views on my website monthly and have weekly direct bookings thanks to our work together! I am still surprised today how she can attract so many people to our website every month.


Fun Facts



Happy Clients in 2019

I was once called


“Queen of Pinterest”

Airbnbs we stayed at in 2019

Survived a typhon this winter

on a small island in Thailand

thanks to our Superhosts!

Countries customers are from

Helped vacation rentals owners stand out online even from their small house in the forest or their villa with mountain views!

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